The Eagle has landed!

Or, perhaps upon further reflection, the pigeon…  Either way, my bike and I arrived in the UK on the 5th of July and it took longer to get my bags from the plane than it did to get my rear on my bike!

Leaving Canada with the bike wasn’t a problem at all and I certainly enjoyed listening to the comments from the other passengers about the bike being loaded onto the plane.

The bike arrives on the tarmac:

The bike arrives at the plane

And into the hold it goes:

into the hold it goes

Once we got to Gatwick and were reunited, bike and I hit the road… and were immediately thankful for the years of riding in Bermuda.  The UK seems to have an obsession, or more likely a fetish, for roundabouts.  They hide everywhere; small country roads, grocery store parking lots, and even major freeways.  While normally found alone, they occasionally group together to form a cluster that have you swinging round and round until you finally get thrown free- to continue along in the same direction as you were previously.  Add to this the fact that the larger ones have traffic lights (the very thing I thought a roundabout was supposed to eliminate) and you can see that this goes far beyond a mere traffic management policy!  So, thank you Bermuda for introducing me to the left hand turn roundabout.


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