The sound of one hand clapping…

The first order of business in the UK was to head of to The Malverns for a friend’s wedding.  Now, considering what happened with my castle wedding (actually, the wedding was perfect, it was just later that things weren’t), I was a bit leery of the whole thing.  Obviously I was worrying for nothing!  The wedding at Eastnor Castle went of without a hitch and the only memories it brought back were happy ones.  

The view from my room at the castle:

 Eastnor Castle room view


The area is filled with fantastic riding roads (the best I found during my short stay in England), beautiful scenery, and a few unexpected treats…  The owners of the castle also have The Land Rover Experience on their property to allow LR owners to put their vehicles through their paces- and even a guest’s bike!  It was wet and I was on road ties, but the little I was able to take of it was great fun and really pushed the limits of my maturity when I decided I was taking on more than I could chew.  Their grounds also hold a wonderful little wine shop that specialises in small batch wines as well as an armoury that makes much of the armour seen in films (they are currently working Russell Crowe’s new Robin Hood film).

All and all a wonderful little side trip and hearty, two-handed, applause for the newly weds!


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