Okay, yes, I did finally get there.

It’s another pleasant little ferry ride from The Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and another one of the treats riding a bike allows.  Since a bike is smaller than a car and can be maneuvered around fairly easily, ferries can usually jam them in somewhere once they are already technically full.  I’ve taken advantage of this a number of times, but the ferry from The Hamptons in Long Island to New London was one of the best.  I arrived minutes before the ferry was leaving and was directed past rows of cars that had at least another 1.5 hour wait before they could cross.  Crossing to Portsmouth was another great- they actually had cars move out of the way so I could get past and on to the ferry that was too full for them.  So long suckers!  Heh, heh, heh…

Okay, back to Portsmouth.  I stayed mostly around the old port to visit the ships and just enjoy a wander around.  The whole naval dock area has been well setup with good displays and is well worth an afternoon.  Once you get out of the old area it quickly becomes a fairly same-old same-old city.  One exception is Portchester Castle, about 10 minutes ride from the ferry docks.  It’s fairly quiet and in the perfect state of ruin- enough to really show it’s age, but still in good enough shape that you don’t have to guess how it looked in it’s time.  There’s a pub you pass about a half block before the castle that serves a mean beef pie.  Tell em’ David sent you.  They’ll look at you weird, but when you tell them why I’m sure they’ll nod, smile, and pretend they have a clue about what your talking about.

From Portsmouth it’s off to Cherbourg!


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