De pics boss, de pics!

Instead of editing my old posts, I’m going to throw these in here.  In general I should be able to keep the pics and posts together.

This was one of my brown sign detours in England.  I just wandered by, took the picture, and left- I was getting a little castled out.

follow the brown signs

Here are the Wight cliffs along with The Needles as mentioned before.

The Needles

The walk along the cliffs was a perfect break from riding and a gave me a chance to try and get artsy.  Lucky I don’t take too many breaks from riding…

Isle of Wight thistle

Riding along on The IOW any little path can lead you to a most perfectly framed little view- such as St. Catherine’s Lighthouse


As I mentioned, Portchester Castle was a great little wanderabout (yes, that is a word now)

Portchester Castle,

On the fast ferry and heading out of Portsmouth to Cherbourg.  Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower actually works well with the city and all the sailboats, but I imagine that beyond the view from the top there isn’t much recommending it.

Leaving Portsmouth 

That covers it for now, but I’m going to go through my pics and add a bunch of them to to my Flikr site soon.  I’m update all y’all when I do.


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