A what? Where? Going how fast?

On my second day in France I decide to take the freeway so I could make some miles.  The limit is 130km/hr, so todolin’ along at around that suited just fine.  I’m being passed by the occasional car, but don’t really pay much mind until a DeLorean passes me!  I know they were built in Ireland, but I didn’t think they were ever sold in Europe, and well, there is just something weird about a DeLorean in France.  Then it really hits me- I’m doing a little over 130km/hr and his guy is doing about 10 an hour faster than me.  I do the math- I’m at around 82/83, putting the DeLorean right around 88.  Wait, I just got passed by a DeLorean in France doing 88 miles an hour?! 

I love this trip.


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