Le truckstop

The ride through France is just about as good as a day on the freeway can be- light traffic, great scenery, beautiful weather, and wonderful food served in a relaxing environment.  Yes dear readers, you heard me right- The French own the roadside service area.  I think all those years of Lance Armstrong winning The Tour made them decide to take something Americans love and own it.  They have, and it’s going to be a heck of a lot longer than seven years before the US has a chance at making up the ground.

The pics below are from a French roadside service area.  You know the place-  gas station, fast food outlet, one moldy picnic bench almost on the shoulder of the highway, and perhaps something green attempting to grow through the detritus of the passing masses…

Of course, there is the fast food (I had the fresh made paella- first round bowl on the front row)

The fastfood

When was the last time you took some time out to enjoy a walk around a roadside turn-out?

The back

Mind you, there’s no way to make a parking lot anything but, right?

towards the parking lot

But all is not lost!  No, don’t forget-you saved their bacon in DoubleYa DoubleYa Two.  Hold on to that.


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