A Public Service Anouncement

This is just a quick post geared to help those riders who find themselves in Denmark and drawn to the small tracks that cross some of the rural gravel roads.

Proving to yourself that your beast of a bike, with all your gear, can take a small track is great.

small track

Getting through it and coming out the other end is a great feeling.

end of track

Finding this sign at the end of the track isn’t such a great feeling…

end of track 2

Once you see a sign like this, ride to the nearest real road and get out of there.  Trying to get out via another small track is not a good idea, no matter how nice it seems.

dont take another tack

Because, if you do, you know it’s just going to get worse…

another track 2

So, be aware and be safe.  If not, you could end up riding into a Denmark infantry live fire range and tank prooving ground. 

Just sayin’


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