So, what’s the rush Mr. Holiday?

So, why one night in France, freeways, and only a few hours in Bruges?  I’ve got tonnes of time!  Yes, but the weather and ferries have their own annoying ideas on how I should spend it if I want to stay on their good sides.

Once again I’ve decided to throw my firmly tentative plans out the window and go somewhere different.  That (well, those) somewhere different are The Fareo Islands and Iceland (where I am in Ísafjörður as I write this).  After that flirtation with the artic circle, I want to ride up the coast of Norway to The North Cape area to consumate the deal, then head either into Russia or Finland for the ride south.  So, Since ferries to Iceland via The Fareos are few and busy, I’ve been forced to hurry to make a sailing before the real culprit gets involved- the weather.  If I’m going to be riding in northern Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia I want to be out of there before September- especially once I get further away from the coast and the ocean’s mitigating effect on temperature lessens.  Riding in the middle of nowhere is enough, I don’t need snow and ice to spice it up, thank you very much!

What does this really mean- I mean, what am I really missing because of this rush?  Well, I can’t take advantage of a certain county’s progressive views on alcohol taxation.  Yes, I checked- that’s 24 beers for under 5 euro. 


Where is this paradise…?  I’ll give you one guess based on the photo below that depicts 2 of 3 most commonly associated images attached to said paradise.

where might this be from

I promise this wasn’t staged.


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