Okay, all plans aren’t bad…

It seems that my gloating comments about not needing plans have come back to take a nice juicy chunk of my ass with them…  When they say you should book your ferry passage to Iceland a few months in advance during high season, they mean it.  I managed to get space (joy of having a bike instead of a car), but the first leg to The Fareo Islands left earlier than I wanted, I got two weeks in Iceland instead of one, and another stopover in The Fareos on the way back.  This early departure meant that I was going to be rushed getting my 20,000km service done on the bike along with replacing the tires and possibly the brake pads.  It also meant that Norway was going to start getting chilly as I started riding up North…

Finding a BMW motorrad dealer is easy in these Internet enabled times, but getting what you want ordered and arranged is not.  All the dealers have e-mail addresses, yet few of them seem to be aware that you have to check them regularily in order for them to be of use to potential cients.  Of the ten dealers I attempted to contact, one got back to me (about the same ratio as in North America).  This was a small dealer with one BMW mechanic and they couldn’t look at the bike for week.  Crap- due to my extensive planning I only had 2 days.  Okay, time for plan B- ‘the clueless tourist’.  This patent pending persona seems to work quite well at getting things done, though I think it would take a single woman to perfect it.  Basically I headed to the nearest decent sized dealer and in my most polite and frazzled way explained what I needed done and when and I don’t speak the language and I can’t go to Iceland without it being done and I just got all confused being in Europe and can you help me and I forget what tense I was writing in and and…  Success!  They promised to get everything done by 2pm the next day!  I couldn’t get the tires I wanted (Metzeler Enduro 1), but anything was better than nothing.  So, putting away my P.P.P. I headed off to explore Aalborg.


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