The Most Appealing Islands in The World

That’s exactly what The Faroe Islands are, at least according to National Geographic Traveller Magazine in 2007.  From a purely layman’s perspective, I can’t say that I agree.  But just because I don’t think they’re the most appealing in the world doesn’t mean that they aren’t a fabulous destination.

Both my stays in The Faroes were fairly closed in, with the clouds playing an almost fan dance with the jagged peaks that cover the islands- at once revealing and hiding them, never giving you the full view.  While this certainly added drama, it really played havoc with attempts to get clear shots.  Be that as it may, here are a few that give a good feel for the islands.

july22 275

Most of the villages lie at the ends of long fjords and are surrounded by fences, leaving the entire countryside to the roaming sheep.

july22 262

While it’s a small place and the speed limits are low, the riding is perfect for fun afternoon jaunts and sightseeing.  The sheep, single lane/two way twisting roads, and cloudy whiteouts limit carving the roads to brief moments of adrenaline.

july22 287

With views like these, who wants to focus on the road.  Slow down and enjoy the sights!


july22 253

july22 263

Mind you, while enjoying these views, do make sure to watch the road for fishermen using it to work on their nets…

july22 286

As you can see, the Faroese landscape isn’t exactly varied- just add improbably green grass, jagged rocks, and water (fresh or salted depending on mood); shake; pour; enjoy!  There- the recipe for every photo of The Faroe’s ever taken.  Just like adding grape juice to a vat and waiting covers every wine ever made…


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