The Swedish Chefs

No, they aren’t actually chefs, but one did admit that Swedish does sound amazing close to The Swedish Chef.  These guys kept popping up around The Faroes and Iceland, and along with a few other riders, they added immeasurably to this leg of the trip.  The Fareos was were I first started to get a taste for how friendly and welcoming the enduro/dual sport riding crowd in Europe is.  Since the bikes, gear, and riding locations aren’t for the casual rider, you immediately have common interests that go beyond the simple taste for a certain brand of bike or desire to appear as a rebel.

The Swedes (R-L)- Military Swede, Boorman Swede, and Marrying Swede.  All good BMW GS boys.

july22 295

 The Italian couple who spoke great french.  They stayed at the same campsite and took the same ferry as me a couple of times- they were great for trading information on good rides and gave me some good ideas for Northern Italy.  Riding two-up on a KTM 990 Adventure, you know they were going to have fun once we all got to Iceland!


These guys were just the first of many riders I met throughout The Faroes and Iceland.  During this part of the trip, meeting up with them in random locations was as fun as discovering the locations themselves.


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