The Water of Life

No, not Macallan 18, but Aalborg’s most famous export- Aalborg Aquavit.  It’s a spirit that’s flavoured in a number of ways- caraway being the most popular, while Aalborg is the only one that uses amber.  And that about covers Aalborg, the drink and the city.

No, I’m not being fair- it’s actually not a bad place.  It’s just one of those places that doesn’t really live up to it’s location and requires a bit of work to enjoy for more than a few hours.  The old town is beautiful, but quite small and is hemmed in on most sides by heavy industry and depressing rows of near soviet area housing blocks.  The maritime and army reserve museums that flank the local campground are well above average and worth a visit, but in general its the kind of place you only spend more than an afternoon in if you need to get your bike serviced.

The nice, modern apartment blocks that are replacing the older ones.  After seeing these I think George Orwell would have considered his writing far to optimistic and light-hearted.

july22 142

The core old town is only a few blocks long, but is about as picturesque as it gets.  It’s also quite quiet on Saturday mornings after the insane Friday night partying that happens in Denmark.  Frat boys take note- your binge drinking crown is in serious danger.

The Budolfi Church in the center of the old town.

july22 149

And some of the various sights through the winding streets.

july22 139july22 157










july22 145

july18 183


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