Wow, just wow!

After my rather stern education I had a fantasic ride along the coast.  Tarmac and gravel, ocean and cliffs. 

july22 299

july 31 025

Riding in Iceland is hard to describe, heck, Iceland is hard to describe.  It’s the world without it’s coat of semi-gloss.  It’s nothing but primer, letting you see how the world is made, showing you the seams.  All the building blocks of Earth are stacked and exposed- seemingly waiting for a contractor to come by and fill an order.  It takes a while to get your head around.

With the amazing riding comes stunning camping.  Hotels are utilitarian, expensive, and rarely have much of a view.  While campsites may suffer from the first two vices, the views they offer are ones you’ll not soon forget.

july22 315 

july22 316

july22 317


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