Really, this is the last on Iceland!

Even when I try and cut it down, there is still tonnes to cover on Iceland.  So here’s another pic n’ caption moment for y’all.

Whale watching is big business in Iceland, though they’ve so far failed to get commercialized whaling banned.  Sad, since beyond whatever moral issue there is with it, they are also killing endangered species on occasion.

august 5 101

Iceland actually does have a forest, but you do have to make an effort not to giggle when you see it after all the hype.

august 5 127

Riding with views like this- what do you say?

august 5 165

Riding the F-26 solo I felt pretty hardcore.  Seeing a ship like this go out as part of it’s normal workday kinda puts you back in your ‘I’m a tourist’ place.

august 5 144

I’ve never had such fun waiting in line!  Riders from the ferry ride over, riders I met on the road, riders I’d never met- all were there, swaping stories and contact details.  About 50 bikes and 60 riders all told. 

August 6 002

August 6 003

August 6 006

On board and it’s finally time to relax, have a drink, and enjoy a day off with some of the riders I encountered.

August 6 025


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