Sprengisandur the Third

Riding the F-26 you can see why NASA chose the area for some of the Apollo mission training.  But, despite being bleak and barren, it’s also riveting- it’s solitude and complete indifference to man not only makes you feel rather insignificant, it forces you to focus on details around you.  Since the view seems unchanging, you start to really look around; see clusters of different kinds of rocks, the slowly changing colour of the sand, all the small things that would normally be overwhelmed by more interesting neighbours start to stand out.

july 28 076

With this hightened attention to detail it’s amazing what you notice as you ride along…

july 28 079

july 28 095

july 28 096

As you leave the most rugged part of the F-26 Aldeyjarfoss greets you.  The waterfall and surrounding flowers are stunning after the grey landscape of the previous 300 odd kms.  What’s also amazing is that this waterfall was deserted- I had lunch and wandered about for a least an hour and not one other person showed up.  There were no fences, souvenir stands, or anything to take away from the natural beauty.  Something all too rare these days, but refreshingly common in Iceland.

And I did it- I rode The Sprengisandur!  It wasn’t really as hard as I expected, but it was certainly tough enough.  I also feel like I deserve to be riding a GSA- I’m not a soccer mom driving a Land Rover to the grocery store anymore!


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