I’ll speak with your mama outside

At least that’s what I’d like to do with someone from Bridgestone.

I’ve commented previously on my less than thrilling experience with Bridgestone Battle Wing tires.  Well, things went from bad to worse after I got back to Denmark and went to a gas station to fill up and properly inflate my tires for tarmac riding.  Unscrewing the valve cap caused part of the valve threading to break off!

August 24 003

Their actual performance has been adequate, but really, what kind of quality control do these guys have?!  The stupid things are less than a month old!  Luckily my 30,000km service is coming up, I’ll get new ones then and just keep and eye on these until then.

I think Bridgestone has just been too busy helping to mess up Formula 1 to spent any real time on keeping their bike tries up to scratch.


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