Road 17 from Moirana to Bodø

Okay, I take back what I said about my old favorite road in Norway, this is my new favorite road in Norway!  Call me fickle, see if I care- this road hugs the rugged coastline, requires a couple of ferry rides, has a few cool tunnels, a campsite that serves fresh caught local fish, oh and it crosses The Arctic Circle!  Heck, if it’d fit in a dress I’d marry it!

Leaving Moirana the road is enjoyable, but really just another strip of tarmac.  The view begins to get more interesting until you come to the first tunnel and then, on the other side, it goes straight to jaw dropping.  And it’s not just the views- the riding is fun, twisty without being annoying and fast without keeping you from enjoying your surroundings.

August16 002

August16 011

August16 012

August16 020

August16 022

This was the view from the deck of my cabin at the campsite.  You know you’ve got people running a place who understand their customers when they keep the trees from blocking the views.  Norway is packed with birch trees, I don’t particularily need to see any more- especially if they’re going to block this view!

August16 023

The guy at the site cooked up a mean fish dinner.  You got to pick the fish you wanted from what had been caught and he then pan fried it with a light breading.  It was a refreshing change from most Scandinavian cooking which is heavy on sauces that cover the flavour of your food.  I’ve lost count of the number of interesting foods that I’ve never tasted because the sauce they were drenched in took over completely.


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