The high mountain´s glacial might

As I rode north on highway 15 I decided to take a short detour on road 258, or Old Strynefjell Mountain Road.  This short stretch of mostly gravel not only has a great history, it one of the most exciting roads in Norway- both for the riding and the views.  Unfortunately I was there when it was very wet and the gravel part had turned into a rather slippery mess, but it wasn’t really a problem. 

The first part is fairly flat as you ride between the mountain tops.

August14 065

You then reach a small glacier lake with a few lonely huts.

August14 066

August14 070

After which you start a thrilling decent into the valley.  The switchbacks go from tight hairpins to fast sweepers, never giving you time to catch your breath or get complacent.

August14 075

August14 079

Part way down into the valley there is a restaurant with excellent good weather views.  Assuming you have good weather I think the best bet would be to pack a lunch- there are so many great views along the route that taking a break to enjoy them is really part of the ride.

BTW, the title of this post is a quote from the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson following a visit in 1896.


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