What to wear, what to wear…

This is always a bit of a problem when riding- your right there in the elements and even slight weather changes can have a big effect at 100km/h.  Norway takes this problem to new levels. 

The massive and fast elevation changes take you from lovely, sunny +23C weather,

August14 019

zooming up above the treeline,

August14 029

and then finally to the glacier lake, snow, and near freezing temperatures.

August14 034

August14 035

All this before sending you right back down less than an hour after you started.

August14 042

August14 045

As if to apologise for this particular run (don’t get me wrong- it was AWESOME!), the little tourist town of Lom is in the valley.  If you’ve ever been to Banff in Canada, you’ll recognise Lom.  Despite being very touristy it’s a great place to walk around, with lovely natural and man-made sights.

The Lom stave church is a standout.

August14 058

As is the creek with it’s pedestrian bridge.

August14 063

The number one, must see, cannot miss destination in Lom is The Bakeriet I Lom, or Lom Bakery.  They bake all their bread and pastries in wood fired ovens and they know how to bake.  I mean they-could-teach-french-bakers-something kind of good.

August14 056

It was a good thing I got there kind of late in the day since I went back three times and only didn’t make it four or more because they were closed.


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