Lofoten Islands

I’m sure I missed many hidden gems in Bodø, but other adding yet another entry to the list of Norwegian names that reinforce the connection between Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Nordic sagas, it really didn’t do anything for me.

A couple of hour ferry ride to The Lofoten Islands cured that indifference with a swift smack to the head.  This place has drama to send a Victorian matron running for cover!

august18 074

To be honest, the riding was satisfying, but not amazing.  Good thing, since with views like these, a great road would be wasted.

august18 082

august18 077

august18 088

Railway Swede became a riding companion for a day.  I don’t know what it is about The Swedes and adventure riding, but they seem to have made it a national pastime.  Eat that baseball!

august18 084

Norway has this ability to keep you guessing- never letting you get complacent with the roads or the views.  Throughout my riding in Norway this impression remained; an almost active participation in my trip from the country.  Silly I know, but ride Norway and try not to feel it yourself.


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