Garmin, Sharmin

I’m using a Garmin Zumo 550 with Garmin’s newest Map Source software and I am not a happy camper.  The Zumo’s great- it’s not perfect, but as a unit built for riders it ain’t bad at all.  Map Source, on the other hand, sucks.  I mean it sucks dead donkey ass.  While I agree that I could be a bit more constructive in my criticism, I think I’m justified in siding with the chicken when Garmin routes me 129km to cross the road.

Throughout Canada, the US, and Western Europe the routing has been great.  For Northern Europe it has been terrible- the middle of some highways don’t connect (in the software), so it tries to route you around the imaginary breaks.  Since these areas don’t have many roads, these little routing issues can add hours to your day.

So, what this all means is that my track updates will take a while since I have to manually enter all my points.  For right now I’ll just say that I rode down the coast of Sweden, took a ferry to Germany, and then rode down to southern France. 

Until I get things updated, here’s a pic of what I’ve been up to.

august31 070


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