A dash south…

I’m going to cheat here and just skip most of the ride from Nordkapp down to Belgium where I hit the Formula 1 race- don’t worry, your not missing much of interest.  Despite running into a friend of railway Swede who helped me out, I couldn’t make the Africa Twin inspired rally to which I had been invited since my funky tire had started registering random pressure and I really just didn’t trust it at all on the road- never mind on an off-road weekend (the fact I was kind of chicken didn’t help either).  Instead of the rally I went to Umeå to get the bike serviced and replace the nightmare rubber I was riding on.  Actually, truth be told, the rubber wasn’t that bad to ride on, but I just didn’t trust it- the worst feeling in the world.  You might be Driving Miss Daisy, but if you don’t trust your tires, you might as well be riding Paris-Dakar on racing slicks…

Bike serviced, rubber replaced with a lovely pair of Pirelli MT 60s (great, but just too pricey), and I cruised the road south.  Cruised, well, cruised until I realised that I could make The Belgium Formula 1.  Spa, Eau Rouge,  the jewel in Formula 1’s crown- I could make it!  I just had to ride from Sweden to Belgium in one day (the race might be on a Sunday, but you HAVE to be there by Friday).  I made it, as the you saw in the last pic, but it wasn’t pretty and neither was I.

I’ll skip the details of the race weekend, since when I started to write about it I felt like I should put a ‘what I did on my summer vacation’ title over it.  It was fun, I met people, and I didn’t ride. 

One thing I will say, the track marshalls had excellent taste in something…

august31 111


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