Jumping off the fence…

I just got a note from railway Swede about the rally I missed.  First he thanked me for correcting Transalp to Africa Twin (a serious mistake considering the two bikes involved!) and then he sent me a link to some pics from the rally.  It looked like a fantastic time- both the riding and the revelry, but I think I think (yes) that I made the right choice in getting my tires replaced instead of going.  They had some serious off-road fun and I’m not sure I could have kept up- ability and confidence in my tires would have made me a certain tail end Charlie for the entire event.

So, a big hello to the North Sweden Africa Twin club (from the pics it was more of a KTM club!).  And another to Railway Swede- thanks for keeping in touch! 

Oh, and a quick note too- please enter an e-mail address when you leave a comment.  I’d like to be able to reply and sometimes I can’t read the writing for the addresses I have from people.


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