The Pyrenees

The Pyrenees may not have the majesty of the Alps, but they don’t need it.  Their more modest stature means that switchback ladders are replaced with faster, more sweeping roads and you don’t have to stop to enjoy the views since they are happily viewed while riding.

Oh, yes- before I forget, I met the mandatory group of three riders in the morning.  What is it with riding in threes?  Am I missing something? ((The other guy was off having a smoke while the two did the bike sniff…),(the head-on view of the straight GS bikes the guys were riding really shows that the GS to GSA difference is far more than cosmetic))

october3 016

Back to the riding…

october3 020

october3 023 

After riding the roads above, I hit Andorra and got a sack of hammers as a reply.  Andorra has been on my radar for years- as much for its financial systems as for it’s location.  I’ve always thought of it as a laid-back Switzerland and was disappointed to find it nothing but construction, duty-free shopping, and traffic.  Endless traffic.  We’ll leave it at that and get back to the good stuff.

Turning back around and heading back into France and out of The Pyrenees proper, I passed through Villefranche-de-Conflent, a beautiful walled city.

october3 030


After this I rode into the promised land.  The first place on my trip that I could truly imagine living…


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