Okay, I can do this!

Yes, I have been putting off posting- just having a hard time getting back into in…

Ah well, here goes- The Promised Land.  For me is in Southern France, South of of highway E80, West of The Mediterranean, North of The Pyrenees, and  East of E09.  Say, a 100km circle around Quillan.  What is so wonderful about the area?  Well, I’ll go through my previous post.

The Riding.

It doesn’t matter what kind of riding you want- you’ll get it in spades.  Want a tree lined Harley cruise along the vineyards? Done.

october3 087

Perhaps you still want to stay on the tarmac, but want to spice it up a bit?  At your service.

october3 111

Ah, a little more off the beaten path?  How about some light gravel, with just enough twists to keep you honest?

october3 093october3 104










Still not quite enough?  The area is littered with small fields that are connected by a warren of tiny dirt roads- they climb steep hills, wind their way along narrow gorges, and lead you from one fabulous view to another.  And if that wasn’t enough, they make your bike smell like roast turkey.  No, really!  Most of the scrub you see in the pics is actually herbs- thyme, rosemary, sage, etc.  As you ride and scrape the herbs along your bike you get this wonderful scent wafting up around you…

october3 059

october3 071

october3 121

What, you want more?!  Okay, as I said- no matter what kind of riding.

october3 100

And it goes on like this until I get to (past) the limit of my skill and what a GSA is really good at.  The ruts in the steep, pitted, tracks get deep enough to catch on the GSA’s cylinder heads if you happen to slide into them.  Assuming you avoid that, keeping up enough speed on the bike to keep going upward without loosing too much traction becomes a progressively scarier game a chicken.  More on that later.

october3 081

All this riding can be yours on the same day- in the same afternoon if you’d like!  You can see in this rather boring pic what I mean.  It’s taken from a dirt road at the top of a challenging (for me) hill climb.  Looking down you can see all the nicely paved roads leading this way and that, and then you’ll see dirt tracks running along the side of all the fields…  What you won’t notice is traffic, despite it being harvest time when I was there, the roads were very quiet and I didn’t encounter a single caravan!

october3 065


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