The People

The people of this area epitomize being ‘of the land’.  They are hard working, earthy, and amazingly welcoming to visitors.  While my knowledge of french certainly made things easier, I got the feeling that anyone with an open smile would get one in return along with a fine attempt at charades to communicate.

A perfect example of this is…

october3 056

What, you’ve never seen a Braud grape harvester before?  Well, I was following this one down the road and decided to take a pic once it started doing its thing.

october3 072

Before I know it, the guy stops his work and waves me over and up onto the machine so I can see how it works up-close!

october3 074

After the ride he tells me where his farm is and insists that I come by and try some of his wine later, which I did after I was done with the bike for the day.  Yeah, he was trying to sell wine, but he knew I was on a bike and traveling so I couldn’t really buy any.  The knowledge didn’t stop him from opening a couple of bottles for me to try- “Tell your friends that wine made from machine harvested grapes is good- just like the old fashioned way.”  While the wine was just fine (would have been perfect with some local game), I still prefer the aesthetics of people harvesting grapes by hand…


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