A boring picture

oct11 064

With all the wonderful views in The Alps why would I take this picture and post it?  Movie buffs should know.

This is the bridge from the opening scene of the original Italian Job.  As far as I’m concerned a fantastic movie and the best opening sequence ever filmed.

The road itself leads to the Great St. Bernard Pass and one heck of a great stretch of tarmac.  Going up from the Italian side is fairly straight forward with a few switchbacks, but mostly just tight, fast corners.  When you hit the pass you ride along a lake, through a hospice founded in 1049, and then into the fun part.  Going down into Switzerland the road never gives you a moments rest-corners almost magically change direction and angle midway through, straight bits turn out to have curves hidden in the dips, and oncoming traffic seems to be laying in wait around every blind corner.  Despite this, it’s almost impossible not to speed a bit (sorry mom & dad)- it all works together to draw you in and push you to try and carry just a little bit more speed , brake just a little later, and accelerate just a little earlier as you pass through each corner.  It’s a short run, but a poster child for ‘good things come in small packages’.

I’d love to post some better pics, but I only took it two times and there was just no way I was going to stop during the fun bits for a photo…

Looking back into Italy over the lake at the top of the pass.

oct11 001

Looking down into Switzerland.

oct11 005


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