What did that sign say?

Heading into the mountains the riding very quickly improved to excellent.  The small roads would follow narrow gorges, climb almost vertical cliffs as switchback ladders, run over a pass, and then plunge back down into another gorge or valley on the other side.

Riding in the gorge…

oct10 018

At the top of the ladder…

oct10 030

And then back down into another gorge or valley…

oct10 034

All this was wonderful, but as I got deeper into The Alps, the weather started to close in and roads became like little tunnels through puffy grey rocks.  The side of the road was only hinted at and without my GPS I would have had no clue where I was.  Sorry, even with my GPS I had no clue- I managed to get myself turned around a bit and passed into Italy without even noticing it- I had even started to wonder why I was having problems reading the signs before I clued in that I was actually in another country! 

This EU thing is certainly convenient, but it kind of take the wind out of going to different countries sometimes…


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