A Dash South?!

Didn’t I say something about going south for the winter a while ago?  Didn’t I already make it clear that I was aware that it gets cold around this time of year?  Of course not- that wasn’t me!  I’m Canadian, I thrive on cold weather!


Horizons Unlimited was having a rally in southern Germany, so I thought I’d take a tour through Eastern Europe, visit some riding friends and then head on down there.  The idea was a bad one (well, the tour part at least).  I wish I could post pics and stories about the riding, but the weather just defeated me.  It wouldn’t get above freezing until mid-afternoon, I had to keep to the main roads, and truck drivers doing vodka shots at the gas stations just made me nervous.

Things came to a head in Poland when the real weather hit.  BBC has a nice bit on it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8307661.stm

Waking up I was nervous about how long I might be stuck, but the Polish road services were very fast, the weather cleared, and I was able to get going fairly quickly. 

oct17 001

oct17 003

Time to meet people and then REALLY go south!


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