Pushing my luck.

Having had no real issues with the Simplon Pass, I figured I continue on through Switzerland to Austria and enjoy the mountain riding while I could.  Of course, by ‘moutain riding’, I mean the fun roads and passes.  At the head of long valleys they have signs posted on which passes are open and which are closed, so I figured I could keep going forward while avoiding any deadends.  What I didn’t take into account was that these conditions can change during the day.

In the mountains you can really see the freeze line when it’s raining/snowing.

oct12 011

And when it’s getting colder, the same area gets whiter in the few minutes it takes to take a corner and pass by.

oct12 012

So, with the freeze line rushing down quite quickly, it wasn’t very surprising when my pass of choice ended up being closed by the time I got there.

oct13 003

So, with passes closed and highway option less than appealing what is one to do?  Take the train of course!

oct12 016

Noooooo!!  You can’t make me leave my nice warm, dry train car…

oct12 019

I was finally pushed onto the main roads as the snow got deeper.

oct14 009


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