Corsica- riders beware!

Why?  Because it will spoil you like an only child.

Arriving in Bastia I was greeted with that feeling of exhaustion tourist towns get in the off-season.  Everything seemed tired, worn, and empty.  The shuttered buildings themselves seemed asleep, resting until the inevitable influx of tourists forced their shutters back open and filled their rooms.  It wasn’t exactly the best of starts, but as I started to ride north I quickly forgot about the empty city streets and began to revel in the empty country roads.  The northern finger of Corsica, or Cap Corse is a rider’s heaven- magnificent roads that run a serpent’s path along the coast give way to narrow inland roads that taunt you into cutting corners that cars must run slowly and with great care.

nov02 158

Not to be outdone, the gravel roads that cross over the central spin of Cap Corse offer a hard to beat mix of great riding and great views (you’ll notice a pic of me- I got a tripod and will attempt to do some action pics as my trip continues)

nov02 127

Clouds might sometime roll in to block the vew, but you can still what fun the road up the pass was!

nov02 137

Starting down the otherside as the clouds roll away to leave the fabulous view.

nov02 149


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