On to Sicily

Truth is, once I got past the northern part, Sardinia didn’t really do it for me.  The coast was the normal mix of hotels/resorts and the interior was average riding with a fair dose of heavy industry.  It’s history is endlessly fascinating, but as a ride, the sparks of brilliance are too short to make up for the rest.

So, the riding isn’t great- the people, food, and wine are.  Cagliari is a perfect example of all that is wrong and all that is great about Sardinia.  Outside the old city you are in a wasteland of industry, crappy ‘beach’ resorts, and terrible blocks of flats.  Once you brave this moat of crapulance you are rewarded with a great city center full of historical sites, museums, and character- and the best happy hour in the world.  Imagine going into a bar, ordering a glass of local wine (invariably excellent), and having it arrive with a wonderful selection hot appetizers.  Now imagine ordering another glass and having the same thing happen, but with a different selection… 12 Euro will get you 4 glasses of great local wine (their reds are killer) and a full meal worth of great food. 

Guess how I ended each of my couple of days there?

So, on to Sicily…

As usual, I took the most exclusive and glamorous transport available.

nov07 005

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking- I pissed off some more gods if that’s my first view of Sicily…

I did get a retro-futuristic kick from the Hydrofoil that past us on the way in:

nov07 025 

The weather did manage to hold off until we got to port and were informed that traditional collection methods were still in effect…

nov07 032


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