So, Sicily, huh?

Sicily is hard to figure out.  It’s a wild mix of traditional and modern thought, architecture, and style.  On the surface it doesn’t really work, but I think that spending some time there would be amazingly rewarding.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really have that time.  Wanting to get south and being tired of the rain drove me through Sicily in just a few days.

On my last day the weather broke and the ride up to Messina was just fantastic.

nov11 003

Mt. Etna insists on hiding itself for this pic…

nov11 005

The ‘fantastic’ part was quickly erased when I hit the site of the landslides.  I didn’t want to take pictures of people trying to salvage what they could from their homes- their misery didn’t need to be turned into a tourist attraction.  Down the road, past the slides, the devastation could still be easily seen.

nov11 009

nov11 010

Why is it that seeing modern cars and houses destroyed by nature seems more terrible than just another mud hut village?  The sight doesn’t just remind us that we can’t control nature, it reminds us that we are all in it together- we will all swim together or sink together at some point.  Our choice which.



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