The final ride down

After riding up and down, left and right, it was time to leave Europe and head south…  Well, not right away- kind of head south, then east, then south…

Leaving Munich I decided to take the fastest route south through to Corsica.  I already had a Swiss highway sticker (road toll), but didn’t have an Austrian one and since the highway is only in Austria for about 10km I figured I could skip it.  Wrong.  About 500 meters after the border crossing (unmanned) there is a semi-permanent checkstop for highway stickers.  Not having one, I had to pay the 65 Euro fine.  I guess a lot of people have the same idea… The rest of the ride went by uneventfully Switzerland was fun even on the highway, Lake Como was busy and not much to look at, and Northern Italy around Milan was as unattractive as I’d heard.  So, I’m going to skip and more details and start again with the good stuff- Corsica.

Oh, this is what a Swiss truckstop restaurant looks like.  I was going to give it the win over the french one until the woman on the right told me that photographs were NOT allowed and I MUST delete the ones I had taken.  I left my tray with her and left (with my photos intact)- and leave the truckstop crown to the French.

nov02 004

And another thing, the sunsets over the med on the Italian coast aren’t half bad.  Once again, it was camping that gave me this view from my site- something a hotel would be charging scary money for.

nov02 024

nov02 038


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