Black to grey to Kavala

The black ride eventually gave way to lights- highway interchange lights.  The road I was on merged with another and then merged onto the new E90 highway that runs almost straight across Greece to Turkey.  As it baffled my outdated GPS maps, this new, smooth (!!) highway sent me straight East.  Through mountains and passes, unfinished toll stations and exits to nowhere- the perfect empty road just kept going.  I stopped at the halfway mark of a 3km tunnel for a bite to eat and to warm up.  The harsh yellow lights mixed with the total silence of the tunnel made me long for the Lærdal Tunnel of Norway and its large, other worldly atriums.

As the grey dawn broke I headed into Thessalonika to find a hotel and check out the city.  The city seemed nice, but the rain just made want to keep going- I wanted out of it and just didn’t want to take my feet of the pegs until I could unpack without my few dry things getting drenched.  So, off I went East until the rain let off and I found myself riding into Kavala.  The weather was still a little unsettled, but I needed to stop.

Another stormfront moves in.

Checkout the waves outside the harbour- the ferry ended giving up docking and just waited in the harbour until the squall passed.

I spent two days in Kavala, letting my gear dry and just enjoying the city.  Since it’s on the coast and down a steep cliff from the highway, It doesn’t have much in the way of through traffic which keeps it lively, but not noisy.  All and all a nice little break.


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