Antalya to Cyprus

Coming down into Antalya is a treat.  The cool, tree covered mountains give way to a vista over the city and its coastline.  Hitting the city isn’t as much of a treat.  Like many Turkish cities, Antalya isn’t much of a looker beyond the old city.  Its mass of condos and resort hotels along the water blur into a long beige line.  Things change once you hit Kaleiçi (the old town) with its ancient walled harbour, ruined minaret, and mass of tiny winding (rideable!) streets. 

To get yourself started in Antalya, you might try this.  Start the day with a walk and a glass of tea,

then maybe some shopping in the bazar (you can pretty much ride your bike anywhere it fits, though you can end up in deadends without room to turn around).

In the heat of the afternoon a nice swim can really hit the spot.

An afternoon beer is really a daily requirement!

Then maybe catch the sunset, before…

Catching some of the sites lit up in the evening…

Oh, and if you find yourself getting hungry while riding around and a side-of-the-road joint is about all thats on offer, consider yourself lucky and enjoy!

During this stay I hit the BMW dealer for service on the bike, new tires, and a look at my rear shock since it was leaking some oil.  The service wasn’t an issue (great dealership), but the tires would be a few days and the rear shock 2 weeks!  Good thing is, the shock was working fine and they said it could easily last another 10,000km before the warranty (thank you 3 year unlimited mileage warranty) replacement was need, as well my Pirellis were still doing okay.  So, I had two weeks to ride around before I’d come back for the replacements.  Looking at the map and doing some reading, I decided that Cyprus would be cool and headed out.  To Iraq.


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