Collective nouns

Why don’t bikes have a collective noun?  Crows have a murder, geese have a gaggle, and heck- rattlesnakes even have a rhumba!  So why not bikes? 

So, here are my suggestions:

A horde:  V-twins and other Harley style bikes.  A horde of bikes carried their doctor and lawyer riders to the convention.

A scream: Street bikes.  A scream of bikes raced down the street carrying their beautifully matched riders.

A ride: Touring bikes.  A ride of bikes stopped at the Geritol museum.

An annoyance:  Dirt bikes.  An annoyance of bikes road down the walking path.

A roar: a mixed group of bikes.  A roar of bikes paraded through the streets during the rally.

And finally…

A dystopia:  Adventure bikes.  A dystopia of bikes took the mud track through the war ravaged countryside because it looked ‘more interesting’.

Yes, I do happen to spend most of my time riding alone and have copious amounts of time to contemplate my navel- why do you ask?


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