New Track

I’ve changed the way I do the track to make viewing and my life easier.  Oh, and it’s updated to today, though the blog is still kind of behind.  I using todays stormy weather (Since I left Greece the weather has been great, so no complaints on a couple of wet days) to try and get myself caught up.

This made my 100th post and I just past the 50,000km (~31,000 mile) mark.  Considering that my longest trip before this one was about 100km (yes, one hundred kilometers return) and I’ve now done well over once around the equator, I’ve got to say that I’m pretty pleased.  Mind you, now is when the real riding starts- can’t wait! 

Thanks btw, without your hits and comments I know I wouldn’t bother to keep this blog going- something I’m sure I’d regret later as the memories began to fade.


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