Turkey with all the trimmings

Okay, okay- thats the last Turkey as a turkey reference, I promise.  For this post.  At least the start of it.

Since on my previous trip to Turkey I did Istanbul, Ankara, etc, I decided to pretty much follow the coast, thinking I’d get great natural views as well as ancient historical sites and such.  And for once, I was right!  Gallipoli and The Dardanelles are most interesting for their more recent (World War I era) history since there is a lot of it and much of the ancient sites are effectively gone (ie you can safely skip Troy).  Continuing to Follow the coast, you alternate between history and nature, great roads and death traps, terrible drivers and killer drivers, and military or police road blocks.  It makes for a lively ride and the annoyances fade far into the background when you top a summit or turn a corner and see sights/rides like these before you:

Going down?

Yes, that’s one road, that’s that empty and in that near perfect condition.

Need a quick refreshment break?  The juice is fairly fresh and the views are good enough for a glance or two…

The road can spend an hour or more doing nothing but alternating between little bays and small points along the coast.


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