Hilltop Treat

Having hit most of the places I wanted to and coming close to the end of my 10 day Iraqi visa, it was time to head back to Turkey and the sites I had just ridden through on my way down.

First on the list was Mardin.  When I road by it on the way to Iraq, it was just a lump on some hills in the distance and hardly worth more than a glance.  Riding to it this time it didn’t take long for me to realise just how wrong I was.  Mardin is the quintessential hilltop city.  Everything you could ever want in the way of history, historical sites, and tiny winding roads to get lost in lives in Mardin.

First things first after a long ride.

After a beer (or two!) a nice wander about town looking for a likely place for dinner is aways a treat.  Especially when you meet a lovely couple riding two-up on the way to India.  Random encounters with other travellers have become a bit of a treat since I’ve been a little of the beaten path- especially ones that speak good english and are also riders.  I forgot what I ate, but I certainly had a great meal.

The next morning I checked out the market and some of the sights before the shortish ride to Sanliurfa.

The market was fairly standard, though the traditional workshops seemed extra traditional and the raw organ meat sitting beside ready to eat cheese and olives in the sun seemed a little gratuitous, even for southern Turkey!

The view leaving town is better than any ‘come back soon’ sign I’ve seen…


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