Head out on the Highway

Big cities aren’t riding cities and in this area Aleppo made no effort to buck the trend.  The perfect cure for this was the highway and all the sights following it would bring me to.

Riding south from Aleppo through rich crops and bustling little towns, you eventually reach Hama and its famous waterwheels.  Truth be told, thats about it for Hama.  The day I got there it was wet, there was a lot of road work going on, and so the place just didn’t grab me- it refused to lay out all its sights nicely for me so I think I just kind of pouted and took my toys and left.  Still, cool waterwheels.

The construction mud on the other hand wasn’t so cool…

Keep heading south and then swing right towards Lebanon, and you hit The Castle.  Whenever I thought about crusader castles, or just castles, I didn’t realise that I was actually thinking of a real castle- one that embodied everything I always thought of as being part of the perfect castle.  Crac des Chevaliers is that castle. Wonderfully preserved while still feeling old, it stands as the single best example of a true castle I have ever visited.


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