Hey Baby- want to Anthropomorphize?

As I’m sure some have noticed, I occasionally can’t help but see the human, usually female, in the landscape.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I’m sure riding for months alone has something to do with it… 

Riding south from Jerash, with a quick stop in Amman (nice modern city, but not what I was in the mood for), I headed west again to get off the main highway and ride along the Jordan/Israel border.  The farms get smaller and rockier as you approach The Dead Sea and once there you can certainly see why.  The fun and scenic ride along the edge of The Dead Sea certainly puts life into the name- a garden paradise it ain’t.

Riding up towards Mount Nebo and then over to Wadi Mujib the road becomes this sensuous thing- reclined on a divan of rocky ridges, exposed, beckoning you to explore every curve…

Once on the road though, each curve hides the next.  The folds of the ridges are draped over the road until, with the sweep of a corner, all is revealed again.  unconsciously you start to stay in a lower gear, keeping the revs higher- feeling as much as hearing the whine of the engine as you hit the bottom of the valley and start to scream up the other side.  As the climbing road sweeps you up and over the final ridge you are left in peace for a few moments before, once again, the road demands your two-wheeled attentions.

The gorgeous and relatively lightly travelled tarmac lasts for a good afternoon and is intersperced with pleasant little towns and the near endless, honest, invitations to tea.  

And, before I forget, those seeking something a little more risqué have nothing to fear- all tastes are welcome and well catered for!


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