So, I met these Germans…

On my Wadi Mujib ride I ended up on an overlook that was popular with tour buses and overlanders.  The views were amazing, the tour buses crowding, but the massive German 6X6 ‘RV’ stole the show.  Needless to say, we started a chattin’, and decided that we should head off-road down the bottom of the wadi since the riverbed was pretty much dry and no one said we couldn’t.

So, on the spur of the moment, we headed down into the wadi.  Coming to grips with the limitations of each other’s transport, we ended up with a scout/troop setup where I would ride ahead and report back on how passable a section was.  Shortly, we found a lovely round rock beach and decided to call it home.   Yup- it was that easy.

Yeah, fantastic scenery and all the comforts of home- it was a rough night.

In the morning there wasn’t any doubt that we’d do this again- we both got to push the limits a bit; me knowing that they could come fish me out of whatever hole I feel into, and them knowing that they could follow my track without getting deadened or lead somewhere the truck couldn’t go.  We decided to spend the day apart since 6X6s and bikes have very different daily routines, but we planned to meet up later to find another cool place to camp.

For me, the day was just another slice of heaven- castles, great riding, and a little shop that understood that you can never have enough meat, cheese, and chilis in a sandwich.

Sorry, no sandwich pic.


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