Not that I feel guilty, but…

I mean, I rode over the sand- it looked just the same as all the other sand we had gone over.  The Germans didn’t notice anything either.  So, despite the day and a half it took to drag them out of the mud,  we decided to meet up again in Petra

While the Germans headed off to find a good, clean, powerwash (that was Dead Sea mud- salty!), I took the back roads down to Petra.  With the sun heading down, I rounded an otherwise unprepossessing corner to find this staring back at me.

I had to move since I didn’t want to ride in the dark, but the view- I just kept turning back to it so I could watch more.  I finally dragged myself back onto the road and arrived in Petra after dark, found a hotel (no camping near the entrance), and got ready for an early morning trip to see the wonders of ancient Petra. 

Pick up almost any travel book, website, or blog and you’ll be drowned in flowery words and photos of Petra.  And each word or pixel is well deserved- it is really one of the most stunning sights I’ve seen on my trip.  It doesn’t get its own post since bikes aren’t allowed anywhere inside, but despite that, it really does live up to the hype. 

Get there early when the sun hits the treasury to get the classic photo.

The site is sprawling and really deserves a couple of full days to properly explore.  So, since it’s been written about so often, I’ll leave it at that.

The only problem with Petra is that it really isn’t independent traveller friendly the campsites are far out of town and wild camping is not allowed anywhere closer.  Everything is really geared to people arriving on a tour bus or some other package type trip.  So, after seeing the old city you a pretty much done with the area and ready to hit the next must see- Wadi Rum.

But, before we go, here’s a couple more from Petra.



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