The best terrible journey

Getting into Sudan from Egypt is a bit of an experience.  There are no open land crossings, so you must take a ferry down Lake Nasser to Wadi Halfa.  This isn’t your normal ferry trip.  This is a ferry trip writ large.

It starts around 10am when you arrive at the dock and begin the process of checking in, exiting Egypt, determining who needs a bribe and who you can skip, finding out where your bike goes, getting lost, and generally hurrying up and waiting.  You also get to meet your fellow travellers, who, if your lucky, will include a number of overlanders and another rider.

I started to write a detailed account of the trip, but I think I’ll leave that to the photos (mostly).  I’ll just say this- If ever there was a boat that moved you not simply across water, but across the width of a continent in a day, this was it.

Boarding and loading took 8-9 hours.


“Capacity” hasn’t made it into the lexicon round here.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get into first class- I certainly didn’t after seeing their washrooms…

Czechi (the other rider on the ferry) in the morning. 

Us ‘deck class’ people wait while our 20 odd hour journey (not including loading time) winds down.

Once docked, we had to head into town, since the boat with the bikes would arrive the next day.  This trip is the first where the advantage of having another rider with you to take pics shows itself.  Actually, I’ll leave the ‘advantage’ determination up to the reader…

The luxurious limo ride into town did nothing to diminish the swanky accommodations…

Thing is, I was pleased as punch- the ferry, the town, the room- everything.  I was off the tourist track.  Sudan, like Iraq and Syria before it, was quickly becoming a favorite. 

Pariah State- the new catch phrase in tourism…


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