Wadi Wait is more like it!

The next day we got the news- our bikes weren’t arriving anytime soon.  Another barge had had engine problems, so ours was towing it and would be, maybe, another day or two.

Now, Wadi Halfa isn’t a bad place.  The food is cheap, spicy, and tasty.  The….  Well, that’s about it really.  The hub of activity is around the hotels and restaurants.  My hotel was main complex shown, with two restaurants attached on the left and another blue one across the street.  On the bottom right you can see another hotel and restaurant.

The real saving grace was the other travelers.  From a young German family exploring from a converted fire truck, to a French couple riding Africa on a tandem mountain bike.  The wonderful travel stories, exchanged through a mix of languages that almost became a dialect of its own, were what we lived on. 

Until, 4 days later, the barge arrived and we were freed!

And, of course the heros of our tale- bikes!


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