Riden by the Desert Winds

During the day, the desert rides you- pushes you on to find that next patch of shade, that next valley protected from the wind.  And the nonsensical begins to make sense- a hot glass of tea at a rundown stand becomes a stop at some fabled oasis.

 In the evening the desert puts the kickstand down and has you listen as the winds die away and the crisp cold drains the heat from the once scorching sand.  This is the time to leave the bike and explore.  The sun might still be in the sky, but it’s been robbed of it’s power and allows the towns to come alive. 

In Karima, a town on the Nile best know as the home of Jebel Barkal and nearest town to Nuri, the locals come out and become, apart from us, the only tourists to The Mount and it’s attendant pyramids.

A final tour around The Mount…

A quick stop at a graveyard for Nile steamers… 

And a dinner of fresh caught Nile perch make it a day.


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