20,000 Leagues Above the Sea

Hitting Burundi, I might as well have ridden into the ocean.  The rain was amazing- more than anything I’d experienced to date, or even in Bermuda.  The daily mudslides blocking the roads where cleared within hours, but were always replaced within hours by more.  The few times I ventured off the tarmac I spent the whole time in the ditch-not on my side, but riding in it.  The dirt roads are built like a roof, with the peak in the middle.  Assuming there is no traffic you can almost keep on the road and fight against the slow slide to the ditch, but once a truck pushes you off the road it can take ages to get yourself back on it.  After a few of these encounters, the ditch starts looking pretty good- fairly levelish, no traffic, the sides go up instead out down (you can put your leg out and hit more than air)…  And you just go with it.

I would have some more pics of this fun little detour, but my camera wasn’t exactly welcome…

I got to Bujumbura in a cloud of steam as the water soaking into my bike cooked-off in the slow lines of traffic and temporary break in the rain.  Again, it was a nice city, but this time I couldn’t really explore since the rain would only let up long enough to lure me out into the open.  On my second day I gave up and headed for Tanzania.  At some point you just have to admit defeat- realising that the huge pool with a small fountain in its center was actually a roundabout with a park and a small pool with a large fountain at its center was mine.

BTW- the civil war is effectively over and Burundi is a great place to visit.  If you’re doing the Lake Victoria tour, don’t miss out!


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