Looking for Adventure and Whatever Comes My Way…

Getting back on the bike after so long felt a bit odd, like I was starting my trip all over again.  I decided my first day would be a short one and the weather enforced my choice by lashing me with rain when I started to think about riding a couple of hours further down the road to another campsite.  The site was good, the other campers were locals out for the Easter weekend, and waking up the next day I finally felt like I was on the road again and really felt ready to tackle my next country- Uganda.

Ah, yeah- it was raining, so I cheated and stayed in one of their little cottages…

I was planning to cross into Uganda north of Mt. Elgon, but the long rains had arrived and I didn’t know what the northern dirt road would be like- especially after 2 months off the saddle. 
I passed to the south and up the west side of Mt. Elgon on tarmac and I knew I had made the right choice.  The tarmac was covered in slippery red mud; the only thing keeping me on the road was the fairly level surface of the tarmac.  A dirt road, with its sloped sides, would have sent me into the ditch on a regular basis, while the mud covered tarmac simply strengthen my core muscles by making me ridiculously tense.

I ended the day at Sipi Falls and the first of my series of jaw-dropping campsites in Uganda.  I would have ridden in the ditch of a dirt road for this.


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