The Long Wait

Chris’ Jungle Junction in Nairobi is THE independent overlander stop in East Africa.  As a motorbike traveler, long time motorbike mechanic, and Africa expert, Chris has created the perfect place to catch your breath along the classic Cape-Cario route.  He knows what the traveler needs, wants, and is willing pay for- and what we just don’t care about. 

My new home…

5 weeks!!  They are a new dealership and haven’t really gotten into the bike market- BMWs tend to be too expensive and too big for Africa, so they don’t keep much in the way of spares.  A new shock would take 5 weeks.  5 weeks!!

This is where I’m going to breeze through the whole debacle.  During what turned into a 60 day wait (!!!) I was able to keep myself from complete despair by visiting family in Paris, having my long suffering girlfriend fly over for a couple of weeks of hiking and safaris, exploring Nairobi, and talking with all the travelers that wandered through JJ’s.

The summit of Mt. Kenya!

Oh, and the closest relative to the elephant… The Hyrax!  Ain’t Darwin grand?

I think this little guy might be a little further down a different line somewhere…

Trust me, these guys aren’t nearly as wise as the pretend to be.

The Thomson Falls

In Masai Mara Reserve

I took this one after we had finally shot them all- the little ones are wiley!

I also got close to the guy who ran the reception at JJ’s and through him got a fantastic view of the real Nairobi.  He lived in one of the many slums around the city and was my guide through it and gave me the confidence to explore it on my own, both during the day and at night.  Oddly, I think the slums  were safer at night for me since they are always alive with people, while the suburbs lock up at sunset and the only ones out were out for no good.  Nairobi isn’t a safe city by any stretch of the imagination, but a few street smarts and the confidence to laugh off overly pushy people asking you to give them your wallet makes it somewhere you can grow to enjoy.  

So, with that,  I will leave my overly long stop in Nairobi.  I leave it with fond memories, new friends, and a much reduced opinion of BMW.  Not as much for the debatable reliability of their “unstoppable” enduro bikes…

“Nothing on earth comes between this bike and its destination. It is built without compromise to handle anything the planet’s roads – and off-road – can throw at it. A first glance is enough to tell you all this – and a first ride is enough to confirm it.”

But more for the treatment their customers get if they dare to put their claims to the test.


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